Your advert as ‘Machine of the day’


Bring your machine to the notice of potential buyers. With over a hundred thousand page views per month the tractorpool homepage benefits from very high traffic. As an agriVIP you can take advantage of this high traffic by featuring your machine as ‘Machine of the day’. It’s easy to do, just book it on your machine overview, for already listed machines, or booked it as you put your machine online, for new adverts.

Book "Machine of the Day" on the machine overview

As a registered agriVIP you can easily select the machine you wish to feature as ‘Machine of the day’, from your machine overview.  As long as your machine has a photograph you are only a few clicks away from having it as ‘Machine of the day’ on our homepage.


In the overview select the advert that you would like to book as ‘Machine of the day’.


Click on the ‘Machine of the day’ option which will open the detailed page for that machine, scroll down to ‘Further options’ and click in the box next to ‘Machine of the day’. Now scroll down, click ‘update’ and it’s done, your machine is booked!


Booking ‘Machine of the Day’ for newly advertised machines


You can book a machine as ‘Machine of the day’ as you list it online. Fill in the details as usual, ensuring that your machine has at least one photo. When you get to stage 3 ‘Further options’ click on the box next to ‘Machine of the day’ and then continue to list your machine as you would usually.


Your offer as "Machine of the Day"

Our software randomly selects adverts from the list of machines booked as ‘Machine of the day’ and puts them onto the homepage

This service is very popular and as a result we often have more machines booked as ‘Machine of the day’ than can be advertised straight away, if that happens your machine will appear over the course of the next few days.  You will, of course, only be billed for this additional advertising when your advert has been featured as ‘Machine of the day’.


This service is exclusively reserved for our registered dealers. Not yet an agriVIP? Then simply register here to take advantage of the many benefits of advertising your machinery on tractorpool, including the option of advertising your machines on our homepage.


If you are a private seller whilst you can’t take advantage of ‘Machine of the day’ we do offer you a wide range of additional advertising options that can be found under the ‘Further options’ when you advertise your machine.

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